Peanut – The Matchmaking App for Mamas


We’re on a mission to build a community of women, who happen to be mamas.

Motherhood can be lonely especially when there is no one close to you with babies too or your family are far away. Michelle Kennedy has nailed it with this app, allowing women to express their interests and be themselves and meet other mamas based on what they like and not just ‘oh because you have a baby too‘.

Tinder for Mums

A couple of months ago I opened up the App Store and was greeted with an App of the Day splash screen. With a couple of minutes to peruse I had a look to see what Peanut was about. Nicknamed the “Tinder for Mums” it’s a social app that lets you match with mums in the local area. I have no friends with babies nearby and apart from the antenatal class group I was in and the classes I did with Baby M I didn’t have any socialising regularly with other mums. I thought ‘What have I got to lose’ and downloaded the app.


It’s beautifully designed and super simple. I’m guessing the concept is like Tinder (I wouldn’t know as I’ve never used it) but you swipe up to wave at a mama and down to say no.  When I first signed up there were only a couple of local mums on it. I waved at a couple on the off chance that someone might wave back.


When you match with someone you get a notification and are able to begin messaging each other. I matched with a couple of local mamas but 95% of the time no one messages you first. It’s nerve wracking in the early days of motherhood you’re all out of sorts your confidence is all over the place and it’s like putting yourself out there for dating so it is pretty daunting. I plucked up the courage and messaged one of the mamas.


The mama I messaged, she messaged back we chatted within the app for a few weeks, talking about the usual teething, sleepless nights and weaning. She has a daughter a couple of months older than Baby M so it was good to have someone to ask about things that I had to look forward in the following weeks. A couple of weeks later we arranged our first playdate and met. Fast forward 4 months and we try to see each other at least once a week! Baby M loves our little adventures and we can’t wait for it to continue!