Lego Engagement Announcement

He put a ring on it.

In less than a months time I will be walking towards my lovely blue eyed boyfriend to become his wife. We got engaged at the beginning of last year (2014) and ever since I’ve been in full on wedding prep mode. Now we’re only a few weeks away and most of the preparation has been ticked off the list I’ve finally found some time to publish some posts!

*The* ring.

For a long long time I had my heart set on a Tiffany engagement ring, getting married was something we’d always spoken about and Mr M knew how much I’d wanted a Tiffany ring. After a couple of months of looking online and paying attention to the engagement ring market, I couldn’t help feel that we could pick up any ring Tiffany or not and to the untrained eye you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. This bothered me somewhat. After my Nana has passed away I was given her simple rose gold wedding band, this has pretty much themed and shaped all of my jewellery choices for the past couple of years.

rings[columns size=”1/2″ last=”false”]Mr M travelled to America and unbeknown to me went out jewellery shopping to purchase a necklace… the store owner must have saw him coming and managed to persuade him that he needed to buy an engagement ring. What an up sell! One evening I was sat at my laptop and a load of folders appeared in my dropbox. Curious I went and investigated, it was full of engagement rings. There were some beautiful ones he’d picked out but me being super fussy didn’t quite fall in love with any of them. By this point I’d done enough research to know that I’d wanted a rose gold ring. I found an example of what I liked. The next day there were two images of two rings. One of which I immediately fell in love with, (rose gold of course!) much to the surprise of the store assistant selling the jewellery. It took a couple of days for me to realise what was happening. I had to wait a week before he returned home.[/columns]

[columns size=”1/2″ last=”true”]The day arrived and he stumbled in the door at 9am after a super long flight and I offered him a cup of tea and sat down to welcome him home and chat over a brew and then… it happened! It was all super cute and smushy so I won’t bore you with details but the ring, is even more impressive in person. The detailing on the shoulders and setting is to die for and the morganite (pink emerald) stone and diamonds surrounding it are just beautiful. My parents rang me around an hour later, I had a feeling they’ been pre warned by Mr M and I was right. He’d rung my dad as soon as he was off the plane and asked for his permission *swoon* he’s just too perfect! There we have it! We were engaged and had to tell people. We told our nearest and dearest by phone calls and our friends received the Lego picture with the message “So… this happened today!”[/columns]

Announcing to the Internet.

The Lego image became a bit of a theme starting point, we’re both AFOLs especially their minifigures and it was just natural to include these figures throughout the process. We both used the image as our Facebook cover the following day after we’d made sure the important people were told and left it at that! We didn’t want to be overly lovey dovey and for us it was the perfect way to announce it to our friends without including our faces!

legosWe recently had a pre wedding Photoshoot at Beamish Museum and we just had to let these two figures make an appearance!

Images by our super talented photographer Sarah Jane Ethan.