Summer Sunday at the Confetti Fields in Pershore, Wick

This weekend we ventured out as an early celebration to my looming birthday to The Real Flower Petal Confetti Fields located in Pershore, Wick. Having missed out on getting there last year, I definitely wanted to go this year to see the rows and rows of colourful delphinums and cornflowers – both of which I used in my wedding bouquet and table decorations.

The fields are only open for 10 days a year. As you can imagine it gets super busy! We arrived in Wick at around 10:30am and the queues were quite extensive (so glad we have AC in the car)! The car park is a fair sized field but I can imagine on a cooler day it being even busier as people would be more inclined to hang around longer. We spent about 40 minutes walking around the field snapping photographs. I’d have loved more time there but in nearing 30ºc heat with a 6 month old baby it probably wouldn’t have been the best idea! I wanted to pick up some fresh flowers too but due to the heat they no longer had any on sale as they need to preserve the flowers for the confetti harvest.

Entrance to the field is £2.50 per adult and per child (we didn’t have to pay for the baby but I can imagine a toddler would be charged) it’s a super cheap fun day out for the whole family! The backdrop is perfect for quick photo snaps and photo shoots.

I can’t wait to visit again next year when the little dude will be walking!